Top 5 Best Romantic Web Series on YouTube

Hello viewers are you looking for watch Best Romantic Web Series on YouTube. Then you are on right page here we providing some 5 best romance based web series to watch on YouTube.
Whether you are at any stage of age, the romance of youth always awakens in any corner of the heart. The selfless attachment of this time is completely different from real and deceitful disguise.
But apart from this, some different scenes are shown in different films but they have nothing to do with reality. Remember, there are ups and downs in every relationship, sometimes circumstances make them monotonous.
If you are bored with Daily’s web series and want to watch some romantic web series then we gonna provide you Top 5 best romantic web series to watch online.
I remember well that people used to entertain only by watching movies or TV serials, but since the web series came, people are interesting to watch web series more than TV serials and other.
These 5 web series are totally free and you can watch it directly on the YouTube. So without wasting time let’s see our 5 best Indian romantic web series on YouTube.
05. Firsts

8.2/10 IMDb Rating
Genres – Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast – Apoorva Arora , Pranay Manchanda Rohan Shah, Kriti Vij, Himika Bose, Shreya Gupto,
Director – Pranay Manchanda
Platform – YouTube
Season – 03
This web series directed by Pranay Manchanda and web series based on romantic comedy. This is very sweet and beautiful series. You can watch it on Dice media YouTube channel.
04. What’s Your Status
8.5/10 IMDb Rating

Genres – Comedy, Love, Drama
Cast – Manjot Singh, Plabita Borthakur, Kumar Varun, Naveen Polishetty, Anisha Victor, Abhay Mahajan,
Platform – YouTube
Season – 01
This web series based on comedy, Love, romance and drama. And web series is very funny and comedy you must have to watch this web series once. This series available on Cheers YouTube channel.
03. Permanent Roommates
8.6/10 IMDb Rating

Genres – Love, Comedy, Drama
Cast – Sumeet Vyas, Deepak Kumar Mishra, Shishir Sharma,Sheeba Chaddha,
Director – Sameer Saxena
Platform – YouTube
Season – 02
Permanent Roommates is very sweet and romantic web series on YouTube. Web series based on love romance and relationship.
This web series shows us the story of couple Tanya and Nitesh. This web series has two seasons and both are free on TVF YouTube channel you can watch it from there.
02. Soulmates

8.8/10 IMDb Rating
Genres – Romance
Cast – Priyanshu Painyuli, Anshul Chauhan, Gareth William Lyngwa, Sylvester Shangpilang, Sanjay Pradhan, Anniesha Mawrie.
Director – Tarun
Platform – YouTube
Soulmates is very popular web series directed by Tarun. Complete story based on romance and relationship.
The story of this series revolves around two ex-schoolmates who collide with each other during their trip to Shillong.
01. College Romance
9.0/10 IMDb Rating

Genres – Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast – Manjot Singh, Apoorva Arora, Keshav Sadhna, Gagan Arora, Shreya Mehta, Geetika Budhiraja, Hira Ashar.
Director – Simarpreet Singh
Platform – YouTube
Season – 01
College Romance is very popular and high rated web series on YouTube. Web series based on comedy drama and romance.
This is a very popular romantic comedy web series. It is a college drama best web series. Web series shows the story of 3 friends who live together and help each other and make their love lives. There are a lot of abusive and vulgar words in this series.
Final verdict – Best Romantic Web Series on YouTube
Although all web series are very beautiful and amazing. And interesting thing is all web series are free you can watch it directly through the YouTube.

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