Top Benefits of Lone Worker Monitoring System

Working alone far from their office premises are known as lone workers. Moreover, you can imagine the situations when no one is around on the unsure routes, places & conditions. In such a case, a lone worker monitoring system can be a helpful hand.

The advanced technology offers ease to monitor the safety and location of employees while they are at work. In case of any emergency, the lone worker can alert their other staff members in real-time. The employees tracking solution helps otherwise too as all set for keeping track of accountability, management also.

There is a vast number of such laymen that are currently working all alone in hazardous places. And as Safety Product Providers, we are working on their safety and your satisfaction.

Why use a lone worker monitoring system?

Rather than just safety, it helps employers to better assist their employees. Here are other operational reasons with lone worker monitoring system can help.


Delivery route and process tracking
Overtime management
Appropriate moving of mobile employees between site other locations


Tracking of correct hours working
Ensure employees are following law and order


Manage safety by tracking critical location in the case of urgency
Reliability to send alerts in time of need

To understand the last told assistance of the monitoring system, let’s see short insights on daily-day-life risks.

Risks = Lone Worker’s daily-day-life

In the way of work and even at the time of work, lone workers deal with many reckless situations, including:

Slip, Fall, Chemical abuse, Stress, Physical abuse, Accident, Lightning strike

These forenames risks are present in the life of lone workers. These workers can be considered by the following part of the article.

Considerable workers: Who can use the monitoring system?

At a time, every worker works alone, but a worker that performs the action all alone or travels far away from their workplaces without any close supervision known as a lone worker.

There are many working fields present where some of those workers require continuous monitoring. However, they can be varied with fields, including:

Fireman  Security guard, Mail delivery workers, Service engineers, Salespeople, Health care officer, Environmental officers, Asset surveyors, Social workers ,Law enforcement workers, Workers with flexible timings

And now the most awaited part of the article.

The Tinted Benefits-

Lone worker monitoring system is beneficial in many ways. Here are some tinted ones.

Increase business efficiency- While removing cost burden and admin time consumption, tracking systems enhance business efficiency. As with the help of this system, employers can keep track and assist their workers for better performance.

Quick assistance to workers- Apart from safety, worker monitoring system help to assist in real-time. And at the time of urgency, quick and running assistance is a life-saving tonic.

Meet legal duties to care for the workers- An employer must make employees safe. And with the monitoring system, they fulfil legal duties, while monitoring employees.

RFID and GPS both in one device- Whether RFID or GPS, a device with both presences is the best tool to serve you, lone worker.

GeoFencing for real-time direction guidance- In a condition where your employee is between the route and needs guidance, a system that can show every step of your his/her, is much more than just guidance.

Man down sensor for sudden hazardous incidents- A monitoring device with a man down sensor can be recusing hand at the time of uninvited accidents.

Over to you!

Lone worker monitoring system is efficient for lone workers in many ways. From enhancing management efficiency and communication, it primarily helps in terms of safety.

So if you’re also looking for a monitoring solution, contact us today!

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