Why has Stanley 3-in-1 Tool Organizer Storage Box listed itself in the best seller?

The 10 Compartment Handy Box

The Stanley 3 in 1 tool organizer is a multi-purpose black box with multiple yellow coloured divisions in it. It may be used to store hand tools and equipment, stationery, accessories, garden supplies, batteries, power tools and change for money amongst other things. It is a ten compartment storage box. It is light in weight and hence easily portable. It is a simple-looking storage box that can easily fit in drawers, shelves as well as cupboards. It is designed on a fully open structure basis and hence opens up to two sides. All storage material may be viewed, organized and kept at once. Once open, a handle like structure may be pulled out for easily carrying it around. To add to all this, there is an inner tote present in the centre that facilitates organization and storage of large hand tools. The Stanley tool organizer already has dividers but they may be shifted or removed according to the needs of the user or for large or small tools.


Product Stanley stst17700 3-in-1 Tool Organizer Description

The Stanley stst17700 3-in-1 tool organizer set has dimensions of 9.2 inches (42 cm) in height, 12.5 inches (23 cm) wide and 16.7 inches (31 cm) deep. Each tray within the box is 95 mm deep which ensures ample space for the material. The box assures the user of durability and strength. The upper weight limit of the box is 12.76 pounds (15 kilograms). It comes with good quality heavy-duty latches. It satisfies all the storage needs of modern users. The polypropylene lid provides a strong cover for the items stored. The built-in lid handle dimensions are 12″x16″x9″.

The product is a part of the new flexible Stanley storage System collection. The unique proportions of the storage bins make it flexible and the shape and design make it modern.

The innovative design allows for all the compartments to be used all at once, with clear distinctions between them. The open structure allows for easy view and access to the material stored. The items will not perish and depreciate in quality even if stored for a long time. All the factors stated above make it a very handy tool organizer box for workstations as well as homes.


Quality Comes First!

The Stanley tool organizer set is built with a standard quality plastic material that is robust and provides for unique storage and portability of hand and power tools and equipment of all sizes. There is no need to go around looking for small nuts and bolts or pins or batteries all around the house or workshop- organize it all at one place and let fixing be a smooth, stress-free task.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about storage is the safety and security of the items stored. All other factors fall after this. This is exactly what the organizer box is all about. The high-grade quality of plastic used ensures protection from harsh environmental conditions over time.

Next in line is the ease of use and access to the material. The clear lid is polycarbonate impact resistant while also providing for a safe coverage of the compartments. The Stanley 3 in 1 tool organizer has multiple uses as already stated but feel free to get innovative with your storage ideas.

With a warranty of a lifetime, it is a good buying decision regardless of what occupation one may be involved in. The Stanley 3 in 1 tool organizer costs just $67.99 (Rs. 4980) and is a purchase of a lifetime!


Need for the Tool Organizer Set

Designed, manufactured and popularized in the United States, it has now become the need of every household and workstation. Rather than randomly placing things all around and mismanaging the place, similar material should be organized and stored at a single place to increase the efficiency of work. It is built in a manner that is can be used as an entire workstation, without any external support.

It is the best thing that happened to the people who need to carry a toolbox the entire time. For the rest of us too, it is the go-to storage kit. It becomes more of a mandate since simple fixtures and small equipment are found everywhere. Once one starts doing work more systematically, there is no going back. While yellow is eye-catching, the simple black colour ensures that the box squares with any kind of interior decoration.

It may be conveniently purchased at Stanley’s official website or on any other website online. Some online portals are even giving it away at a discount of $24 per month! Depending upon the website, the warranty may be requested from their customer service team. It is eligible for free shipping at selected destinations.

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