Unstable in the agony of lice! What is the best way to remove head lice without losing hair?

Medical science is known as “Pediculus Humanus Capitis”. It is caused by a type of parasites. When the egg of this animal takes place in the hair for some reason, the parasite slowly builds up all over the head. Then spread to spread the empire, and many more.

 What you can do to eliminate louse without losing hair?

In a journal called Parasitology in 2012, it was said that neem seeds are useful for preventing head lice. Neem also prevents irritation and itching of the skin of the head.

  1. With a shampoo that uses neem 2/3 times a week, the head should be washed thoroughly and the hair will be rubbed with an anti-inflammatory litter.
  2. Apply directly to the skin on the nympatta bait. Wait until it dries, then rinse the hair with warm water. Then rub the hair with an anti-inflammatory lid. Follow this procedure 2-3 times per month until the lice are completely blocked.
  3. Massage the neem oil well on the skin of your hair and head. Then shave the hair with an anti-inflammatory lid to prevent lice. After massaging the neem oil, you can keep it for about an hour or overnight. The next morning shampoo the hair.

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