When Should You Not Invest in AI?

Artificial intelligence is all about machines, human intelligence incorporating and see different tasks perform these machines that limited earlier to humans. The days are gone when it is thought that artificial intelligence will be the future.  The world is today of AI, in this world now we are living. But it is not a wonderful thing that for some time has been ruling artificial intelligence. And the results that AI faced are phenomenal.

Because of AI’s accuracy, we can see it almost anywhere, like in gaming, hospitality, banking, or mobile phones. Everywhere we name it we can see it. Despite these advantages, AI also has some flaws.

In the 1980s was conducted a study on the adoption of AI in the business. According to this study, the entrepreneurs or business people to invest in AI were rushing. And then the value of the projected market was $4 billion. However, these results of the market were shocking. Moreover, in this study, it is also found that over a five year delivered only 33% solutions of AI to business value. In contrast, the remaining solutions were rejected. Several famous AI applications to be pure hype were proven, and many companies with AI became disillusioned.

Today is repeating the same story all over again. Despite decades of AI progress in research and recently in many breakthroughs continue entrepreneur to struggle with technology adoption.  According to the survey recorded in a law essay UK service research assignment, only 8% of firms that had practices that to adopt AI scale enabled them. Although exceptional capabilities have AI for every situation, it is not fit.  There are some areas in which we should think before investing in AI.

So here is mention some situations where we should not invest in AI.

 These are:

  1. When creative writing/thinking is the aim
  2. When there are available simpler and better alternatives
  3. When we want the software to be written
  4. When is still AI undergoing experiments?
  5. When the cost is more of using AI than return
  6. When are innovations to be brought up
  7. When are moral decisions to be made?

When creative writing/thinking is the aim

As all humans with brains are blessed, they can be thinking about everything naturally. But to think the same thing from artificial intelligence is not the right sense because artificial intelligence can not think as we think naturally. But through AI content writing is possible if we provide it with some targets or evidence. However, it is already content programmed, but without guidelines, no capable AI in creating content.But these capabilities of AI machines are limited.

A software is Natural Language Generation that is used to come up with AI with data reports, portfolios, and content for businesses. In this way, it is possible for thousands of documents undoubtedly to create. But if we want any creativity in each form that is not possible through these machines. As machines cant thinks like any brain that we engage and imagine during creative writing. As humans are writing contents with their emotions and machines are lack these emotions and brain like thinking.

When there are available simpler and better alternatives

We should remember that time when we are in our school time, and we had shortcuts and some tricks to solve math or other subject problems. And we got through these simple techniques our desired answers. And we could not be worried and waste our time on complex techniques. At that time, there is a need for us to think and act the same like that. For example, if we invest in AI complex architecture and we get into trouble. So we should invest in simple AI architectures. If we can get the same results, then we don’t have to need complex ones. If it is different techniques for getting different results, then the scenario not would be the same. But if some simpler and better alternatives available there so why we should always choose AI. We can invest in those simpler and better alternatives.

When we want the software to be written

A lot of time comes in our life when we want to written software. But in today’s world, it is not possible or capable of AI because AI could not help us enough to written software. Because for writing any software,human intelligence and understanding play a very important role that is more concerned about writing any software. Hence in this way, AI takes here backseat because it is not compared with any human intelligence.

When is still AI undergoing experiments?

If we are choosing or using something that for our desired results, that is an efficient method not proven, then we will face worse matters. And we can’t get our desired results in this way. So it is advised that we should keep in our minds that if still AI is undergoing experiments, we should not invest it.

When the cost is more of using AI than return

Why we invested in different fields? Because we want benefits from this investment, but instead of getting benefits, we get lost, then there is no need for such investment. The using cost of AI is high than the cost that we return from this investment. Then we should stop thinking that we don’t have to need such investment.

When are innovations to be brought up

As we humans with calibre are blessed, and we can invent those things that are machines invent by following some rules. So if for innovation, we are looking then AI not serve us for this purpose.

Although several applications AI offers. So for various tasks, we don’t depend on one thing. If we want innovation, and desired results want from simpler tasks, writing software, creativity, or moral solutions, we can depend not only on available AI.

When are moral decisions to be made?

As machines don’t have emotions like human beings so moral decision making for machines is not possible. For example, there are such cars available that are driver-less. But in case of an accident how this car will handle itself. And then how will be secure the life of passengers. So in this situation, only drivers can manage their emotions and handle a car at the right time.

As we can see artificial intelligence in all fields now. But we would not suggest investing in AI for all fields is safe as we have already mentioned the possible outcomes which we must think before investing.

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