How to Boost your Personal Brand on Digital Media

Do you know what Google says about you? Society is changing, and with it, the professional sector. It is already a reality that the technological world is part of our lives; personal branding is becoming more and more relevant in the workplace, and we must work on it if we want to stand out. Virtually all companies are present on the network, so we must be prepared and updated.

What if your name does not appear when performing this search? Watch out! Many companies will understand that “you do not exist” or, even worse, that you are outdated. If the person looking for you is a potential client, not knowing you will automatically generate great distrust.

Proper management of your brand will be decisive for achieving your professional goals; for this, you will need some essential tools and instructions.

Create a profile on Linkedin
It is the social network of professional contacts with the most significant relevance in our country. It is already common for companies to use this social network to evaluate their possible candidates or attract them; what are you waiting for? If you don’t have an account, you will have more options to be discarded.

2.Customize your social networks

You mustn’t reconcile your personal life with your professional life in your networks!
If you publish about your personal life, do it privately, because, as we mentioned before, more and more companies use these networks to screen their staff.
You must visually take care of your networks; you can start by personalizing the beginnings of your profiles, put funds according to the sector you want to dedicate yourself to …, even if it seems like an unimportant detail, the companies or people who contact you will appreciate that small difference.

As you know, companies have a logo as a brand image; it contains the essence and face of that company. What is our logo? Well, neither more nor less than our look, and therefore you must always have a profile photo in your networks. Your image will be your business card, so it must be professional and up-to-date, with a neat appearance and conveniently with a neutral background.

3. Frequently upload content related to your sector

It is useless to have a profile on the different social networks but to create content, upload content on topics related to your professional field that denotes that you are up to date on the news in your sector, you can also share content from other people who share your interests, this It will allow you to get a more significant number of followers and that companies can corroborate that the skills you say you have in your profile are real.

4.Follow influential people in your sector
When looking for a job, social networks play a vital role; let’s say you want to work in company x, social networks can help you make your way. How to do it? Follow employees of that company, HR personnel, study them, observe their skills, the content that interests them, think about it! Social networks allow you to know the tastes or preferences of one of your potential interviewers, especially media such as Linkedin.

They are also excellent sources of attracting potential customers; people publish practically everything, their tastes, their location, their marital status; you can advertise by filtering your target audience, saving you a lot of money.

5.Keep your profiles updated

Keeping your social networks up-to-date is not only necessary when looking for work, but you should take it into account throughout your professional life. Many clients or companies reject applications due to a lack of updating. There are numerous “ghost” profiles in which they reflect jobs in which they are not currently, where there are no training that they claim in their cv, or directly profiles that do not contain any information.
Regularly update your CV, as advice, always keep in mind that training is vital! Nowadays, a fundamental study is not enough or even a university degree. Companies like KissAnime want people in continuous movement; what better way to reflect than show it on your networks.

6. make your website

Can there be a better way to differentiate yourself than with your website? The best way to stand out is through the internet, multiple applications allow you to develop your website free, that way you can show skills, interests, your career and always remember to keep it updated!

Suppose you want to stand out in your sector. In that case, you must differentiate yourself, people are increasingly prepared, and you cannot be left behind. Hence, I encourage you to start working on your social networks today; from MCS Escuela Superior de Negocios, we transform our students into professionals who want to be, we work with them in addition to their brand all the necessary tools to be able to obtain the position they want, reserve your place now through our website!

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