How to choose a domain extension for your blog?

Are you confused about buying a domain extension for a new blog?  If you are confused between any domain extensions to buy, here is the ultimate guide. The best part?

I am going to show you tips for buying the best domain extension for your blog according to your niche.

In short:

If you want the domain extension which can help you to make your popular brand then read this article, you will love this guide. Before starting a guide you must know what is a domain name and domain extension.

What are a domain name and domain extension?

A domain name is an address of your blog or website by which anyone on the Internet can find your blog by name. And the domain extension is the end part of your blog name or blog URL.



You must have searched Google for certain conditions and you will see a list of blogs and websites there, and the maximum time that you can find next to the name of these blogs is a .com or .net extension called a domain extension.

Overall, it comes out that if you do not have a domain name or domain extension, then people cannot access your blog.  Even you can’t run a blog without a domain name or domain extension.


Your domain name and domain extension create a set by which it is accessible for other visitors to reach your blog or website. And domain extension is also known as TLDs which means TOP-LEVEL DOMAINS.

Your business needs a start-up to grab your target audience and a TLDs will help your business a lot. But today there are many top-level domains in the market and it is difficult to choose a good domain extension out of these, so this article has been shed to remove this problem.

Types of TLDs or top-level domains.


There are generally three types of TLDs as listed below.


  1. Generic top-level domains (gTLDs)
  2. Sponsored top-level domains (sTLDs)
  3. Country code domain extensions (ccTLDs)

These are three types of domain names and are generally used by blogs and several websites. Let’s discuss them in detail, so let’s start with gTLDs

  1. Generic top-level domains (gTLDs)

Generic top-level domain names are the most popular outside and are the first choice of every blogger because in them you can represent yourself worldwide and it is used for commercial blogs or many others.

.com and .net come in this type and if you are starting a blog then you can go with these domain extensions. .com vs .net are competitors to each other, so bloggers mostly use them.

  1. Sponsored top-level domains (sTLDs)

Sponsored top-level domains (sTLDs) are designed for a specific group, such as if you want to start an organization or education website, you can go with sponsored top-level domains (sTLDs).

Here .edu and .org domain extensions are the example of sTLDs.

  1. Country code domain extensions (ccTLDs)

Country code domain extensions represent a particular area or country. Or we can say these domain extensions are reserved for a specific country.

For example

.uk for the United Kingdom

.us for the United States.

.in for India.

Now I hope you are fully aware of what kind of domain extensions are in the market that most bloggers use for their blog and website.

How to choose a domain extension or a domain name for your blog?

Here in this guide, we will provide you 3 tips by which you can easily make the decision to buy your matching domain according to your niche.

  1. Check the availability of your dream domain name:

If you want to get a domain name for your blog or website, then first check the availability of the domain name that is in your mind.

A domain name is the first process where you have to work hard to find the domain name that is suitable for your business and if you cannot find your desired domain name then you can use a strategy called naming formula.

Naming formula

Blog name = [topic or audience group] + [target or change]

This means you can make a new word for your blog if you can’t find your desired domain name. This should be the main step while choosing a domain name with its extension.

  1. Domain extension according to your niche or business

The first priority of every blogger or website owner is to buy a com domain name and it is absolutely right that if you want to start a blog. Whether it is based on any niche, you should also buy the .com domain extension.

This is why because the .com domain extension represents your blog globally and is used for commercial use or for many other businesses. As you know that it is a Generic top-level domain which means anyone can use it and run their blog or website easily.

But if you are going to buy a .com domain extension then it is more costly than others so here is the tip to select your relevant domain extension.


  • If you are building a blog to target a specific audience, you can go with ccTLDs because you can buy them easily and they are cheaper than .com domain extensions.
  • .com extension is for those who want to target an audience globally.
  • If your blog is targeting a specific language then you can go with ccTLDs.
  1. Go for a short, catchy, and memorable name

Your domain name should be short. Try to make your domain name below 15 characters. Along with that make sure to add your niche keyword if you are now making a blog for personal purpose this is because I notice that the domain name which has their niche keyword in their name can easily rank.

The reason behind this is you are representing your niche in the domain by which people or your audience can easily find you on the search engines. If your domain name is under 15 characters then it is easily memorable for others to visit for next time.

Before you buy a domain name, do complete research because this domain name will be the identity of your blog and you will also be identified with this identity.

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