Why should you opt for a metal tongue scraper?

Tongue Scraper is a tool which is used by people to scrape or remove excess microbes. These microbes eventually result in persistent oral hygiene issues. Most people are unaware of oral cleaning in general, and the trend seems to be plummeting from time to time.

The primary notion behind this lack of awareness is the misinterpretation of brushing as the entirety of oral care. We can use tongue scrapers to have complete oral hygiene. Tongue scrapers can remove the thick layer of white build up that exists all over your tongue. Scraping helps in removing foul odours and eventually, halitosis.

Why Metal Tongue Scraper?

In the market, there are a total of two tongue scrapers available; plastic tongue scrapers and metal tongue scrapers. Both of them have their unique aspects.

However, metal tongue scrapers have a unique advantage in terms of various factors.

1- Eco-Friendly

It is a fact that not even a single toothbrush has decomposed yet, and it was 400 years ago when the first toothbrush came into existence. It can be hazardous to the environment and can also destroy aquatic life. Plastic tongue Scrapers are made out of the same material as toothbrush, whereas metal tongue scrapers are made out of a natural alternative such as copper or stainless steel.

2- Flexibility

Metals have a higher flexibility rate. Due to this property, they can bend and can remove more dead cells of your tongue.

3- Wider Angle

Due to its flexibility, metal tongue scrapers can provide us with a wider angle of cleaning. This wider angle increases the chances of maximum bacteria removal and extension to end of the mouth.

4- Safe to Use

Metal tongue scrapers are developed by using a steel or copper alloy. Both of these elements help fight pathogens and other microbes while being naturally anti-bacterial.

5- Ductile and Scratch Proof

Stainless Steel is ductile and can be flexible as well. Luckily, these metal scrapers are scratch proof and rust-proof; this can elongate the usage of the scraper and even makes it recyclable.

Tongue Scrapers, through the elimination of germs and pathogens, can help remove bad breath. It can help counter halitosis which is the leading cause behind further oral hygiene issues. Tongue cleaning can revive taste cells which ultimately leads to a better sense of taste. Lastly, using metal tongue scrapers help the environment through recycling and sustainable material usage. Furthermore, it can be used again and again for several years because of its durability.

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