Can there be a problem if you read too many books?

  • Once you buy books, it will be difficult to keep up with the cost of your stay, even increasing your chances of becoming a fakir.
  • Learn more about different topics, so that your character can boast.
  • If you are a student, you can skip the textbook after reading these books. This will have a serious impact on your CGPA.
  • If you’re a jobber, office work can seem boring in the usual way. As a result, there will be fear of being fired.
  • At one point you will start reading books in the bathroom. There will be no address at meal time. It can cause health problems.
  • Having fun with friends in the tea shop will not be as fun as ever, so the bond with many friends will be relaxed. It is also not uncommon for friendships to be broken.
  • Your house will be booked day by day. This will cause problems in the placement of other furniture.
  • In any case, you will be more knowledgeable than your classmates or colleagues, so you will become violent and your enemy will grow.
  • As you read the book you will realize that you do not really know anything. You may become frustrated by discovering your own folly.

read books to much cons

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