Over drinking water kills your body

The ability to lift a human being is different. If a person has the maximum capacity to lift 5 kg and if he is given something weighing 5 kg, then he will go far, that is, FAIL.

In the same way, the kidneys in our body act as filtrate, which releases the rest of the fluid through the urine, leaving the body with good ingredients. And the kidneys of the human body produce two and a half liters of urine daily.

For this reason, if an average person drinks more than 2 liters of water per day, he cannot take loads of kidneys and at one stage the kidney is disabled.

However, the amount of the above varies depending on the environment and the individual. Otherwise, if a person drinks an average of 4 liters or more of water a day (which is usually seen by exercise professionals), then in a very short time his organs, such as brain cells, will swell, as well as salt levels in the blood and death will occur. . This phenomenon is called ‘water inoxication’.

Over drinking water

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