How effective is the so-called forceps cream? Does it thin the skin?

How effective is the so-called forceps cream? Does it thin the skin?There is nothing called cream make you white. I mentioned the Fitzpatrick skin type in an answer earlier, below:

skin type

It is not possible to change the Fitzpatrick skin type; In the Indian subcontinent, type 1-5 is usually found, sometimes 3. With no ointment, one cannot be as white as 2 skin types of that skin type.

If you have a problem with your skin, such as tan, sunburn, acne black spots or any other disease, then we give medicines to treat it, it can be food medicine, cream, now laser and peel. Is given.

When you go to the market or to a drugstore, the salesman will catch you for creams, usually containing steroids. These creams that are given too strong a steroid should not be applied to the mouth, even the common people indulge in them for months after greed. As a result, the skin becomes thin and red, hair grows, acne out, and becomes white. Once the steroid addiction stops applying the cream, it causes irritation and itching on the skin.

Do not get caught in the trap of gossip, show the doctor. Your dermatologist will create a skincare regimen that suits your skin, leaving your skin healthy, shiny, and irritated. If you have black spots on your skin for any disease, treat it properly.

The Indian Dermatologists Association IADVL has set up a task force to reduce the tendency of steroids to be applied to the skin, so that some prominent and senior dermatologists in the country are studying the matter, and looking at how to prevent it. It is possible soon if you cooperate.

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