What Style of clothes is good for men?

With the Fall 2020 season right ahead of us, finding new fashion trends is at the top of the list. Whether you’re a professional looking for business attire, or an average Joe looking to add pieces to your wardrobe, you will find that shopping is not as difficult as it is for women. Men are fairly easy when it comes to fashion and style and whatever your preferences are, you can usually pull them off. However, for those who need a bit of guidance on what to wear, below you will find some of the latest trends to rock this Fall.

Dress in Dark Layers

Not funeral attire, but dressing in dark browns, blacks, grey, and blues is certainly a fashion staple for men this season. If you’re looking to dress the part for work or for play, layering is where it’s at. For the business professional, purchasing a nice business suit and layering it with a great vest or sweater works great. For the casual type, going for a turtleneck is a great way to pull an outfit together. They can be easily layered with a sweater, vest, or jacket, and can be worn for work or play.

Slate & Stone Fabrics/Patterns

Looking for the classic staples for a man’s wardrobe with a hint of 2020 fashion? Something as simple as the material and pattern can change an ordinary piece from drab to fab in no time. This Fall season, wearing slate and stone fabrics are in. Men can find this on suits, jackets, sweaters, vests, and even pants if you’re daring enough. By just adding a few of these pieces to your closet, you’re ready to look your best.

Coloured Cords

Cords are back and are among the top must-haves on many men’s lists. Purchasing a few coloured corduroys can change your wardrobe from dull and boring to vibrant and casual. When purchasing cords, be sure to also purchase accessories to match such as shirts and ties to make the outfit complete.

Common Wardrobe Must-Haves

Now the above fashion trends can be added as you see fit. However, there are some things that every man should have in their closet to dress for whatever the occasion might be. If you don’t already have those things, it’s probably best that you start with these pieces and then add in new fashions as you find the means to do so.

Black Suit

Every man should have at least two black suits in their closet. Black is a very slimming colour and also commonly worn anywhere. You can wear a black suit to work, a job interview, a funeral, and even to a wedding if need be. If you don’t have one of these handy, you need to get shopping right away.

Basic Coloured Ties

Yes, patterns are the new thing, but if you’re just starting out your wardrobe every guy needs to have a few ties that are basic in colour and design. Typically this could be a black, red, and neutral coloured tie for those occasions when less is more.

These are just a few staple wardrobe pieces to get your collection started for the up and coming Fall season. For more ideas, check out fashion outlets online is a great guide.

What Are Some Clothing Styles to Make You Look Taller?

Those who are short often have a hard time figuring out what to wear. This is especially true if they are trying to look a bit taller than reality. While some might think that they’re stuck looking and dressing petite, there are ways that you can dress that will make you appear taller than you really are. What you should keep in mind however, is that you don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort, so find styles that will best compliment your height and comfort. Below are a few tips for shopping for clothes that elongate the short figure.

Form Fitting Clothing

Now not too many people are excited about wearing form fitting clothing, as some feel it can be uncomfortable and displeasing to their shape. However, if you’re going to try your best to look taller, tighter clothing is best. Why? Tighter clothing can emphasise your figure easily making you look taller than you are. When you wear a form fitting shirt and tuck it into a pair of skinny jeans, you can look as if you have a very tall figure.

Stay Away from Cropped Shorts and Capris

For people with a short figure, as tempting as it might be, you need to stay away from wearing crop shorts and capris. In most cases, these types of shorts only make short people look shorter. In fact, for many people the shorts end up fitting like pants instead of shorts to begin with. If you’re really not a huge fan of wearing shorter shorts, you can always consider Bermuda shorts as an alternative. These shorts typically stop right before or below the knee allowing your legs to appear much longer and more flattering. This is the same rule that should be followed when purchasing dresses and skirts. Styles that tend to fall around the ankle are generally not the best choices for those trying to appear taller.

Avoid Flats

As cute as they can be, wearing flat shoes when you’re short is the worst thing you can do if you want to appear taller. Flat shoes draw attention to your feet and emphasises the fact that you’re short. Some are even known to look shorter when wearing flats. If you’re trying to pass for a taller figure without going overboard, you want to try and find heels that are about 2 inch in height. If you’re not used to heels, wedges can do the same trick yet provide more support.

Darker Coloured Clothing

As we all know, darker clothing is said to make you look slimmer, however, not many people are aware that it can make you look taller as well. Wearing colours such as maroon, chocolate brown, grey, dark green, and black are great as they pull your figure in and up at the same time. Darker coloured tops and bottoms are a great way to elongate your entire figure.

While you’re stuck with a smaller figure, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look taller than you really are. Begin experimenting with your wardrobe and find fun new ways to elongate your figure however you would like.

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